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Virbamec Oral from Virbac Animal Health for Delaying Drench Resistance

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article image Virbac Animal Health Introduces Virbamec Oral Animal Health Products for delaying drenching resistance in Sheep

Virbac Animal Health Australia, an Australian leader in Animal Health Products, Animal Health Supplements, Drenching and Animal Health in General has begun a major campaign to raise awareness regarding the ability of the abamectin molecule in controlling internal parasites of sheep and delaying the development of drench resistance.

With its key macrocyclic lactone (ML) product, Virbamec Oral, Virbac Animal Health has developed an integrated campaign

based on the technical and scientific virtues of abamectin and supportive marketing activity for farmers and


Virbac Animal Health manager of sheep products, Craig Lyons, says there is widespread acknowledgement in the scientific community of the role that abamectin should play as one of the three ML’s available to the sheep industry.

“We have conferred with leading Australian and New Zealand veterinary parasitologists and advisors who provide insight into the merits of including Virbamec Oral products into drench rotations on sheep properties.

“They confirm our belief that abamectin is the molecule of choice for many farms where the range of effective drugs is becoming increasingly limited,” he said.

Virbac Animal Health is also featuring major in-store promotions as part of the campaign, with significant and practical prizes available for participating farmers. All 20L drums in store have a swing tag on them which is the entry form. The farmer completes and sends back this swing tag to enter the competition. To support the campaign at a store level there is in store displays, direct mailouts, and print advertisements.

“We will be giving away 15 Ruddweigh sheep weighing systems, and with the competition already started, there are large numbers of swing tags rolling in on a daily basis – so we certainly seem to have hit the mark with farmers already,” Mr Lyons said.

“There will be 15 draws over the next couple of months and Virbac Animal Health will be working with all stores that participate in the competition to maximise their exposure in the marketplace,” he said.

“In the two weeks that the promotion has been running, sales have strongly outperformed the corresponding period last year, which demonstrates the abamectin message is being understood and appreciated.

“All stores that move a large quantity of Virbamec Oral will be assisted with their advertising,” Mr Lyons said.

The Virbac Animal Health range users abamectin as its reference molecule. It is in all Virbamec Oral products, Flukamec, Resistance Fighter Combination pack, and Firstmectin SE.

Virbamec Oral is available in selenised, unselenised and low volume formulations. The competition is being conducted on the Virbamec Oral plus selenium 20L.

Virbac Animal Health was founded 30 years ago as a specialist animal health pharmaceutical company devoted exclusively to the marketing and development of veterinary drugs. Since then, Virbac Animal Health has grown into the largest veterinary laboratory in the world devoted entirely to animal health. In Australia, Virbac Animal Health is one of the main suppliers of sheep and cattle drenches, veterinary pharmaceuticals and is the leader in the horse market. Most products have been developed in Virbac Animal Health’s Australian R&D centre, and are proudly manufactured in rural Australia.

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