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Merits of the Lowlines of Vitulus Lowline Stud

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Vitulus Lowline Stud  runs Lowline cattle which belong to the beef breed category. The Lowline breed was developed by the Government's Trangie Research Centre. Meat of the Lowline breed is popular for its marbled structure and tenderness. The Lowline is sought after by both the small acre farmer and commercial beef industry.

The Lowline cattle are suitable for small size farmers because of their small structure and docile nature. Even less experienced farmers can easily handle these cattle. The Lowline cow is fertile and has good milking qualities. They do not have any genetic problems such as dwarfism. Their early maturing quality and small structure lead to less investment in infrastructure and cattle feed but early returns.

Lowline calves’ low birth weight reduces calving problems. This quality along with their low gestational period makes the Lowlines suitable for the dairy industry. The Lowline progeny is suitable for the supermarket/domestic trade. The Lowlines can be crossed with a lot of other British breeds. They cause less stress on the environment.

The Lowline is popular among the commercial beef industry because its carcass has less bone but more meat. The carcass yield percentage of purebred Lowline steers is nearly 70%. Lowline cattle’s small stature is the reason for the tenderness of its meat. Also the marble structure of its meat indicates a higher percentage of monounsaturated/saturated fat.

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