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V-Rakes available from W J Elsworth engineering

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article image V-Rakes available from W J Elsworth engineering

W J Elsworth Engineering , manufacturer of hay rakes at Smeaton since 1996, introduces the sturdy V-Rakes.
Manufactured with Australian B.H.P steel frame, these V-Rakes are designed to outlast other models.  
Some of the features of the V-Rakes include: 

  • Front castors kicked in to take load and stress out of the elbows in the rake wings
  • Heavily gusseted and plated goose neck draw bar
  • Reels get progressively closer along the rakes wings as rear ones shift more of the hay
  • V-rakes come standard with two independent splitters to shift internal hay, hydraulic and manual lift for reels on the rake  wings, and tilt for wet or windy conditions
  • Windrow can be adjusted from 2’ 6” up to 5’ wide
  • Rakes can be transported at speed limit as castors have a brake each
  • Raking width is adjustable in multiples of 6” on extension arms
  • The tynes of these V-Rakes are Australian made by National Springs and are 7.1mm thick. The strength of the tynes is not in the thickness but  in how they are tempered and formed. Tynes are not anodised or zinc plated as this defeats the purpose of tempering them.

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