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Optimise energy production with a sun tracking solar energy system

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WA Solar Supplies is the exclusive distributor of Solar Track trackers. Solar trackers offer a solution to the fact that fixed array solar power systems only produce maximum power at the point when the sun is directly overhead.

Fixed PV solar arrays operate at significantly less efficiency for the remainder of the day. The Solar Track array frame provides a simple solution for this problem by using a passive tracking system.  

The solar tracking arrays work by using the natural warmth of the sun and gravity to transfer fluid from one side of the tracker to the other.  The weight of the liquid moves the solar modules to align with the sun.  

Using its world exclusive Self Reorientating System (SRS) the innovative solar array is automatically reorientated to the east during the night, ensuring maximum power generation throughout the day from the second the sun rises.

Installing the passively powered Solar Track PV arrays offers benefits over electronic tracking solar energy systems.  These benefits include the elimination of:

  • mechanical failure of gear/actuators due to high wind speeds
  • electronic failure
  • battery replacements  
Contact WA Solar Supplies for further information about installing an advanced tracking solar energy system and their many advantages and applications.

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