Sepcom Micro Screen - high filtration efficiency

Sepcom MFT Micro Filter
Sepcom MFT Micro Filter
Sepcom MFT Micro Filter Micro-screened sludge. Micro-screened liquid. Sepcom Micro Filter.
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Sepcom Micro Screen (MFT)

The SEPCOM MFT Micro-filter is a machine for the micro-screening of the liquid phase from a previous separation process of slurry, digestate from biogas generation processes or waste water from industrial processes. It can be applied in all water purification processes.

The SEPCOM MFT Micro-filter consists of a motor drive which drives a tool producing internally the force required for micro-screening, and by a screen retaining the solid phase which is expelled through the top of the machine. The material to be treated is introduced in the lower part. The intensity of the pumping effect is used to increase separation efficiency.

The SEPCOM MFT Micro-filter consists of a micro-filtering system used for pretreatment upsream of the centrifuge. In some cases it can be also used as an alternative system to the centrifuge.

The micro-screened liquid can be used for fertigation or in systems that reuse the liquid for diluting the dry matter fed into anaerobic digesters in biogas plants.


  • Stainless steel screen up to 15µm (0.015mm)
  • Power installed 7.5 kW
  • Compact overall dimensions and footprint
  • Benefits
    • High filtration efficiency
    • Self-cleaning working principle
    • Quick installation
    • Easy maintenance
    • Low operating costs  


    • Stainless steel screen in 50µm – 25µm – 15µm (0.05mm – 0.025mm – 0.015mm)
SEPCOM MFT Microscreening application

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