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WD Moore & Co offer solar systems

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WD Moore & Co  are involved in offering solar systems, windmill spare parts and pumps. The solar systems from WD Moore & Co are available in diverse types including Eco system, HR helical rotor system, Omni system and SF surface system. The SF surface system is ideal system for pumping the water from surface water supplies like river, creek, dam, soak and cistern. The SF solar system features flow range from medium to low range with 2000 to 40,000 litres of water per day. The SF surface systems come with a tracking and fixed array of solar panels.

The Ecosystem type of solar system is available in various forms. The Ecosystem SDS-D-128 is a submersible system that is ideal for bores. This type of solar system uses SunPumps SDS pump. It delivers 600 to 10,000 litres of water per day and works from a depth of 30 metres. SunPumps SDS series are DC powered, efficient and diaphragm type positive displacement pumps. It is designed to deliver water in remote locations. It can be installed below the water level in a river, well, pond or into the bore. It is also ideal for filling an open tank.

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