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Yellowtail windmills from WD Moore & Co

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WD Moore & Co  offer windmills, solar equipment and pumps. The windmills from WD Moore & Co are available in two models known as the Yellowtail and Aermotor. The Yellowtail windmill is a large windmill model produced by WD Moore & Co. The Aermotor is imported and designed based on the Aermotor 702 model. The windmills are used for different applications such as filling dams, fishponds, sewage, wastewater removal, dewatering wet lands and medication of ground water. Windmills are ideal for domestic applications too.

The Yellowtail windmill is durable and safe for use. The Yellowtail windmill features a storm proof governing system that automatically protects the windmill. A safety ladder is fitted to the 10-14 feet models, which rotates 360 degrees with the windmill. The Yellowtail windmill comes with wind wheels that turn with even a light breeze. The A frame wheel arms are easy to assemble and hold the wind wheel in the right place. The Yellowtail windmills, manufactured by WD Moore & Co, are made from galvanised steel sails. These come with in-built, double-geared speed controls and manual shut off units. The Yellowtail windmill is available in five wind wheel sizes including 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 feet.

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