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Re-evaluation of drought management plans by WPM Agricultural Consultants

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Farm enterprises of WPM Agricultural Consultants have the scope to provide additional funds in order to re-evaluate drought management plans, even after a minimum of six months. It is mandatory that the farm enterprise of WPM Agricultural Consultants should have a completed Drought Management Plan in order to have access to additional funds.

The applicants need to apply for and use the re-evaluation grant before the last date of the programme. The eligibility criteria of re-evaluation of the drought management plan includes only one grant per farm enterprise, and the farm must be determined by Centrelink, as one loacted in an 'Exceptional Circumstance' declared area.

The person applying for re-evaluation of drought management plans on behalf of farming enterprise, must meet the definition of a farmer under the Farm Household Support Act 1992, be a member of the farming enterprise he is claiming on behalf of and should have also been a farmer for more than 2 years. To re-evaluate drought management plans also includes the necessity of combined off-farm assets of all the members of the farm enterprise and they must also meet the current assets test.

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