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Cattle and breeding from Wajatryn Pastoral

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Wajatryn Pastoral  provide Droughtmaster females and bulls in Australia. Wajatryn Pastoral specialise in sires, females, bulls and breeding technology. Wajatryn Breeder, part of Wajatryn Pastoral, provide quality stud and commercial animals even in the dry seasons.

Characteristics of the cattle from Wajatryn Pastoral include good fertility, mothering ability and ease of calving. Wajatryn Pastoral chose 60 Fairhaven weaner heifers in 2004. This variety has offered higher productivity and the stud has grown considerably.

Wajatryn Pastoral categorise and record all their calves when they are born. After they are weaned, the calves are brought to Wajatryn Pastoral. Wajatryn Pastoral trains them to tail in the lane side by making them work with horses and dogs.

Wajatryn Pastoral provide assistance for all their clients with any information related to cattle. The bulls, females and breeding concepts of Wajatryn Pastoral are maintained. The animals are kept in hygienic and quality conditions. Visitors of Wajatryn Pastoral usually end up becoming buyers.

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