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Breeding objectives of Wakefield Charolais

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Wakefield Charolais  breed purebred and cross varieties of the Charolais breed. Wakefield Charolais have an extensive collection of genetics which they utilise to provide bulls for various purposes. Features of these bulls include good growth, easy calving, soft gene variety, carcase quality, maternal qualities and marbling.

Wakefield Charolais perform functions such as restoring stud females, enhancing the purebred variety, prefacing embryos and buying selected females. Wakefield Charolais does not retain cattle with poor temperament or bad structure.

Wakefield Charolais select their cattle if they are above average in growth, early in maturity, have fine carcasing characteristics and easy calving nature. The breeding programme of Wakefield Charolais utilises bulls from many parts of the world, including Europe, Canada, Australia, America and New Zealand.

Wakefield Charolais use the Genestar testing method to ensure qualities such as tenderness, marbling and feed efficiency. Wakefield Charolais also rely on traditional scanning methods before choosing cows. Wakefield Charolais consist of animals that are known for their tenderness, marbling and feed effectiveness.

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