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Composite breeding from Wakefield Charolais

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Wakefield Charolais  breed and supply the Charolais breed of cattle and cross breeds. Wakefield Charolais maintain high standards in their breeding objectives to provide healthy cows. They specify the test results of their cows in their catalogues to provide customers with all the information they require.

Wakefield Charolais have many reference sires in their breeding units, which include the Indiana, Ut De Reve, RJC Virgil Gaugin, Nelson, Exclusif, Excalibur, Laurel, Pinnay and Gobongo Villeroy. Wakefield Charolais follow a distinctive composite breeding programme. All the breed varieties of Wakefield Charolais suit the production programmes of vealers and steers due to their carcase traits and growth.

Wakefield Charolais produce and supply Charolais Shorthorn bulls and Charolais Angus bulls. A large number of  cow herds have bought these two varieties of cows from Wakefield Charolais.

Wakefield Charolais carefully select the Angus sires, Charolais bull sires and Shorthorn sires to conduct their Embryo Transfer (ET) methods on them, which helps them to derive desired breeds. Wakefield Charolais poll their bulls with multiple markings to ensure tenderness, marbling and effective feeding. Bulls from Wakefield Charolais are free to move and are fertile.

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