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Donor females from Wallaton Devons

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Wallaton Devons are commercial cattle breeders that deal with the breeding of functional Devon cattle. Wallaton Devons utilise their bulls and females in their own breeding programmes as well as for selling purposes. Wallaton Devon greatly focus on choosing females for their stud as fertility is vital for their breeding processes.

The infertile or low fertile females are culled at the weaning stage. Donor females of Wallaton Devons include Wallaton Nell X01, Wallaton Dolly C01, Belrieve Xceptional Maid A52, Havilah Maid P123, Wallaton Viola B08 and Wallaton Dolly B15.

The polled breed, Havilah Maid, is a foundation cow of Wallaton Devons. This cow has been used in the breeding process for several seasons. The qualities that are required in the meat market match those of Wallaton Nell X01 female from Wallaton Devons. This breed has been successful in several seasons. It has also won the Senior Champion Female title in the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2004.

Wallaton Devons provide embryos and semen to the commercial market. The semen is from bulls such as Wallaton Buccaneer A10, Wallaton Joker C04 and Wallaton Taurus Z12. Wallaton Joker C04 is known for its high growth rates and good traits. It has won the Reserve Junior Champion Bull award in the Sydney Easter Royal Show in 2008.

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