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Wallaton Devons breed Devon cattle

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Wallaton Devons  breed Devon cattle for commercial and stud programmers. Wallaton Devons have designed their breeding programme by covering the major requirements of the beef industry and the needs of the customer. 

Wallaton Devons acquired the initial genetics of the stud from different studs including Barnstaple, Belmur, Ashwood and Palinga studs. Down the years, Wallaton Devons have developed the herd to a quality standard meeting the commercial needs.  

Wallaton Devons introduced and developed new genetic varieties by using both artificial insemination and embryo transfer method. Cattle of Wallaton Devons are quiet, well built, fertile and they also posses high foraging ability. The commercial beef producers prefer Devon cattle because of their easy calving nature and the easy performing nature in all paddock conditions.  

Wallaton Devons have a number of bulls that include Wallaton Buccaneer, Wallaton Waikato, Wallaton Juggler and Wallaton Joker. Wallaton Devons purchase the females from different studs and exhibitions, including Barnstaple show. The donor female varieties are Havilah Maid, Wallaton Nell, Belrieve Xceptional Maid, Wallaton Viola and Wallaton Dolly.  

Wallaton Devons show keen interest to take part in all the Devon shows as their cattle exhibit quality temperament and attitude.

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