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Artificial Insemination methods from Wallawong Murray Greys

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Wallawong Murray Greys  offer stud sires and herds. Wallawong Murray Greys provide their clients with a profit-a-bull experience. Wallawong Murray Greys offer a wide variety of bulls and semen samples. Wallawong Murray Greys utilise Artificial Insemination (AI) to multiply the genetic diversity of the cattle under production.

Almost half of the herd at Wallawong Murray Greys consists of artificially inseminated cattle. The artificial insemination method takes place by first implementing the synchronisation programme and then the natural mating process. Breedplan analysis has gained power and accuracy with the implementation of the AI methods. Other than the insemination method, Wallawong Murray Greys use only natural mating for their breeding processes.

The sires used by Wallawong Murray Greys for the insemination process are Karawi Hill Blockbuster, Monterey Majestic Lad, Willalooka Pharoah, Glencairn Rob Roy, Willalooka Kirby and Walteela Rough Rider. Apart from the Murray Grey breed, Wallawong has other breeds for the breeding programmes.

Wallawong Murray Greys provide after sales services to their clients. Wallawong Murray Greys makes frequent visits to their clients to ensure that their bulls are efficient in their functioning.

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