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Water solution products from Wallington's WRG

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Wallington's WRG  supply water solution products for both rural and outdoor living lifestyles. The water solution products include pumps, pipes, tanks, hoses and fittings, pools and spas and garden irrigation. 

Wallington's WRG supply pumps that are suitable for various applications. The quality brand pumps include submersibles, pool pumps, fire fighters and pressure pumps. Polymaster tanks supplied by Wallington's WRG come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Polymaster offer a range of poly products for home and farm. The slendaline tanks can fit the eaves or rooms. Round form tanks are also available from Polymaster tanks.

From a DIY painter to a tradesman, everybody can pick pipes of his or her choice from Wallington's WRG. PVC, suction, electrical conduit and poly pipe are the available pipe products. A wide range of products for garden irrigation are also supplied by Wallington WRG. The garden irrigation products include lawn drip line, micro sprays, pop up sprinklers and poly tube from 4mm up. A range of garden hoses and fittings are available in plastic, brass and poly fittings from Wallington's WRG.  Low density fittings are also available. 

Wallington's WRG provide help to design the irrigation needs for home and advanced irrigation systems also.  

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