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Beef variety offered by Wanderribby Angus

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Wanderribby Angus  offer beef production through selective genetic varieties and feedlot principles. Beef from Wanderribby Angus reaches domestic customers through two retail slaughterhouses and a restaurant. Beef products from Wanderribby Angus comply by the Meat Standards of Australia.

The beef varieties produced by Wanderribby Angus are of quality grade. Wanderribby Angus produce and supply quality Wanderribby herd variety, the Coorong Angus Beef.

Cattle used for beef production are grazed in the Coorong pastures. They are fed with the exclusive grain mixture for about 60 days, which provides nutrition and growth. Wanderribby Angus supply their beef products to various restaurant. These include Jolley’s Boathouse, The Lion Hotel, The Manse, Chesser Cellars, Stratos Cork and Cleaver.

Beef from Wanderribby Angus is also available at Fine Foods, Norwood Plaza, Meat at the Bay, Mount Barker and David Jones. The genetic selection of Wanderribby Angus is based on marbling, carcase traits and cattle traits. An advantage of the Wanderribby Angus is their quality meat production.

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