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Feedlot principles of Wanderribby Angus

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Wanderribby Angus  produce and supply beef to the Australian market. Products from Wanderribby Angus exceed the industrial standards with their effective feedlot principles. This has been achieved by concentrating on various performances and having a keen interest in animal husbandry.

The rations from Wanderribby Angus are scientifically developed as they source only quality grains and other materials. With this level of quality feeding, animals in Wanderribby Angus are not affected to sickness and ill health.

The feedlot of Wanderribby Angus has maritime weather conditions. Wanderribby Angus manage bunks to provide better performance. Due to their professionalism and renowned services, Wanderribby Angus have won six honors in the CAAB National Competition for their quality. The feedlot of Wanderribby Angus is also EU accredited.

Wanderribby Angus follow the natural and artificial insemination methods for their breeding processes. Wanderribby Angus have access to all the leading Angus genetics through Te Mania Angus. As Te Mania Angus is a top seedstock in Australia, Wanderribby Angus have the opportunity to choose genetics that yield high performance.

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