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Breeding programme of Wanganella Stud

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Wanganella  is one of the three Merino studs of F.S. Falkiner and Sons. F.S. Falkiner and Sons operate Boonoke, Poll Boonoke and Wanganella merino studs. F.S. Falkiner and Sons also run commerical breeding programmes for Merino ewes, Merino prime lamb and Hereford cows. 

F.S. Falkiner as owners of three merino studs are in the wool industry for the last 100 years. The three FSF merino studs breed Peppinella and Wanganella and focus on merino breeding programmes that would meet the requirements of the wool industry. Boonoke Merino stud produce medium micron wool in harsh conditions. Poll Boonoke Merino stud produce soft medium micron wool and maximum fleece cut.  Wanganella Merino stud produce fleece type that is preferred by processors.   

The Wanganella breeding programme refines the productive performance of the Wanganella genetics and retains the proven qualities of the Wanganella sheep. Wanganella sheep produce long stapled, bright white, soft medium wool. The Wanganella sheep have a proven record of fertility and breeding.  The Wanganella stud flock consists of 3500 breeding ewes.  

The survival of Wanganella sheep on the treeless Riverina plain have helped the Wanganella merinos to fit into any wool producing environment and produce the maximum wool.

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