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Pumps and irrigation control systems from Water Dynamics

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Water Dynamics  offer a range of pumps such as submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, high pressure pumps, multi-stage pumps, pressure systems, turbine pumps and solar pumps. Bores and drilling equipment are also available. Water Dynamics supplies pumps from well known brands which include Southern Cross, Everflow, Grundfoss, Davey, Mono etc.

Water Dynamics manufacture and install a range of irrigation control systems. Remote Irrigation Controller (RIC) is a radio device that controls the activation of irrigation solenoid valves. Irrigation control system offers transmission distances up to 20 kilometres and spread spectrum for up to 1 kilometre. Rainman Handheld Controller (HHC) is another irrigation control system, which is used for testing valves from any point of the site without having to access the irrigation controller cabinet.

Water Dynamics offer yet another irrigation control system called Centralised Control System (CCS). The irrigation control system is a computer-based package product and is used for controlling and administering a number of Cp field controllers. In addition to providing pumps, bores and irrigation control systems, Water Dynamics also offer a broad range of sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems help in increasing crop yields and reduce water wastage.

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