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Raised bed ploughs from Watson Farm Machinery

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Watson Farm Machinery  offer farming equipment such as bedformers and slashers. Watson Farm Machinery are authorised dealer for Berti mulchers, SIP hay machines, Celli rotary hoes and power harrows, Shiboura and Lamborghini tractors, Bare-Co tractors and machinery parts, Sovema rotary hoes, finishing mowers and general shredders.

Watson Farm Machinery introduced raised bed farming with the design and manufacture of broadacre bedformers. The raised bed systems are ideal for growing crops in high rainfall zones. Raised beds help in eliminating the compaction of soil, retaining moisture in dry times and eliminating water logging in spring and winter. The raised bed systems also help in creating deep and healthy seedbeds that encourage improved growth of roots.

The raised bed plough, from Watson Farm Machinery, is available in trailing and linkage models. It comes with full width crumble rollers, minimum soil build up and easy to use features. The hydraulic primary tyne assemblies come with plastic listed boards and improve the flow of soil. The linkage models come with single and three bed units. The trailing models range from three to five bed units.

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