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GPS navigation systems, battery chargers from Weather Down Under

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Weather Down Under  specialise in offering temperature stations, rain gauges, GPS navigation systems, weather watch, professional weather stations, wind stations, freeloader solar charger and lighting products. Weather Down Under are considered as an environmental monitoring and online weather shop.

The GPS navigation systems from Weather Down Under are available in diverse ranges. The GPS with MP3 and video player comes with 3.5 inch touch screen. This GPS navigation system has full colour touch screen for GPS navigation, playing music and comes with playback function having in built stereo speakers. This unit come with searchable Australian maps such as rural areas, cities, streets, parks, motels and petrol stations. The voice prompt unit directs the user to navigate to the required destination. The automatic satellites locking system of the GPS is accurate and fast.

The accessories offered by Weather Down Under include LED torches, compass products, Davis car chip, solar power and battery chargers. The La Crosse RS900 battery charger is a universal type of charger that is ideal for use with all types of NiCad and Ni-MH batteries from 200 mAh up to 3000 mAh. It comes with AC or DC adapter, battery charger, 4 C size and 4D size adapters, 4 piece AA rechargeable batteries.

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