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Temperature stations, rain gauges from Weather Down Under

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Weather Down Under  provide rain gauges, lighting products, wind stations and temperature stations. Weather Down Under is considered as an environmental monitoring and online weather shop. The temperature stations from Weather Down Under include LaCrosse sensors, LaCrosse stations and Temp stations.

The Temp stations are classified into different types. The digital thermometer comes with two input industrial thermometers that consist of easy to read LCD display units. The front panel buttons are used to select the inputs between T1 and T2. The HOLD button in the digital thermometer keeps the current temperature and stops further measurement. The MAX button displays and holds the maximum temperature that is recorded. The temperature is measured in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Rain gauges from Weather Down Under come in a diverse range of models such as the LaCrosse wired rain gauge, LaCrosse wireless rain gauge and 90mm rain gauge. The LaCrosse wireless rain gauge comes with a self-emptying rain bucket through internal tilting cups. The total amount of rainfall is also displayed in this wireless rain gauge unit. Apart from these features, the gauge consists of a low battery indicator, user defined rainfall alarm, light rain and heavy rain indicator icon.

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