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Weather stations and weather books from Weather Down Under

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Weather Down Under  offer weather stations, weather books, wind stations, rain gauges, lighting products and temperature stations. The weather stations from Weather Down Under include Davis accessories, Davis Series, Environdata, telemetry stations, LaCrosse series to name a few. The weather books offered by Weather Down Under include Earthcam, Photographing weather, Spacecam, The Book of Clouds, Wild about Weather and Weather world.

The Davis mounting shelf is ideal for mounting solar radiation sensor, Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor. The Davis mounting shelf is coated with white powder coated aluminium with stainless steel hardware. The Environdata type of weather station is available in a diverse range of models. The WeatherMaster 1600 package from Weather Down Under come with four integrated electronic weather sensors, solar panel, two-metre powder coated stand, an internal data logger and EasiAccess database and reporting software. The WeatherMaster 1600 is an economical weather station that is ideal for a wide range of agricultural, industrial and research applications.

The WeatherMaster 1600 measures four commonly used weather parameters like wind direction, relative humidity, air temperature and wind speed. The software designed by Environdata is simple to operate and it converts the data from the weather station into an easy to understand graphs, reports and current readings.

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