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Benefits of weed control mats from Weed Gunnel

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Weed Gunnel  offer weed control mat that help in controlling the growth of weed. Weed Gunnel matting is easy to handle and comes with hydrophilic properties. The Weed Gunnel weed control mats are cut to fit around the railings easily. The weed control mat is available in various types including small tree gunnel, medium tree gunnel and pot gunnel.

The medium tree gunnels from Weed Gunnel are 90 millimetres in diameter. The small tree gunnel is 580 millimetres in diameter and the pot gunnels come in 380 millimetres diameter and it is ideal for standard pots that are 14 inches in size. The Weed Gunnel matting products are effective and have been used by Australian native timber growers. The Weed Gunnel weed control mats are stabilised with UV rays and it lasts for 2 to 3 years in sunny conditions.

These mats from Weed Gunnel are free from harmful toxins and are tested by Queensland University of Physical Sciences. During raining season, the weed control mat is efficient for use and it allows seepage of rain through the matting. It is easy to cut and light in weight. The weed control mats are available in standard small pot sizes.

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