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Crop protection weed control mats from Weed Gunnel

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Weed Gunnel  offer crop and frost protection products. The Weed Gunnel crop protection product is a non-woven, light fabric plant cover that helps in controlling weeds. The crop protection mat is made from 100 per cent polypropylene material, that is hydrophilic and UV treated. These types of non-woven fabrics from Weed Gunnel are ideal for use in horticultural, agricultural and flower industries.

The non-woven crop and frost protection product is highly permeable with regards to light, air and water. These non-woven crop protection products from Weed Gunnel protect the crops from insects, hard rain and frost damage. The crop and frost protection product also decreases the fluctuations in temperature during day and night conditions. It provides mini greenhouse environments with its permeability against air, light and water.

The Weed Gunnel products act as a barrier against weeds around the base of plants, trees, posts and poles. These are ideal for use with vegetables, gardens, landscape areas, garden beds, crops, fruit trees, herbs, shrubs and pot planters. The crop protection mats from Weed Gunnel helps in the slow release of fertilisers to pass through the soil. It is also ideal to control the growth of weeds on steep lands.

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