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Weed control matting from Weed Gunnel

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Weed Gunnel  are non-woven polypropylene matting material, designed to block weeds. Mats from Weed Gunnel act as barriers against weeds around the base of plants, trees, posts and poles. These are ideal for use with vegetables, crops, fruit trees, herbs, shrubs and pot planters. The products offered by Weed Gunnel prevent harmful toxins from entering the waterways and soils. They also reduce the spread of chemicals to control the weeds.

Weed Gunnel products have many uses in small crop, civil, forestry and domestic applications. Weed Gunnel matting is manufactured to suit Australian conditions. It is hydrophilic and UV treated at the time of manufacturing. The process of UV treatment gives the weed matting an extended life. The hydrophilic feature breaks the surface tension of the matting and allows the entry of air and moisture to pass through the soil.

The weed matting from Weed Gunnel are ideal around gardens, parks, garden beds and landscape areas. Weed matting helps in decreasing the problem of erosion around batters and banks. It also minimises the rain splash damage, built up water velocity damage and soil ped disturbances. Weed matting allows the soil to remain aerobic and stops weed growth.

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