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2070 CX50 LP T Agricultural Teleloader

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2070 CX50 LP T Agricultural Teleloader  

The Telescopic Loader series, from Weidemann Australia also offers impressive performance, reliability, ease of operation, toughness and good stability. A sturdy, rigid frame and extremely rugged arm suspension ensure safe and precise control of the telescopic arm, while at the same time the machine delivers tremendous lifting and biting forces.

Easy engagement and an excellent view of the tool attachments is provided by the low, narrow tower. The compact construction, a wide selection of add-on tools, pilot control of the working hydraulics as a standard feature and high-performance engines match the Agricultural Teleloader consistently and precisely to the varied demands of practical use.  

Inconvenient mounting is a thing of the past. With the 2070 CX50 LP Agricultural Teleloader there is only a small step – and then you can comfortably take your place in the driver’s seat without a great effort. Due to the low seat position you have better contact with the ground and better feel for the substrate. In addition the loader offer a very low, close-to-the-ground center of gravity for the machine – this not only increases stability, but also provides an extremely safe drive feel.    

Features of the Agricultural Teleloader: 

Folding rollbar - The Agricultural Teleloader’s standard rollbar is ROPS-tested and thus satisfies the requirements of the industry associations. The rollbar can be folded down in only a few simple steps for low passages.      

Folding modules - The fast and easy access to engine, hydraulic system and electrics lets you complete the most important maintenance and checking work on the Agricultural Teleloader quickly and without problems. That saves valuable time and reduces stress.      

Multifunction lever for comfortable operation of the most important functions - All essential functions and work operations can be controlled extremely precisely with only one hand due to the well thought out configuration and ergonomics of the multifunction lever.      

Heavy cast rear weight - The Agricultural Teleloader always has firm and stable contact with the ground in all situations due to its massive cast rear weight. Not only safe, but also precise working is possible for all loads.

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