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The Hoftrac1100 model series of wheel loaders are typified by their compact construction, low centre of gravity and small turning radius. This allows safe and dependable work in confined spaces. The low, narrow front carriage keeps all tool attachments constantly in view. The single-lever control and the variably adjustable sitting position ensure the operator can relax and work without becoming fatigued.  

The quiet, water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engines satisfy the latest emissions standards. Combined with the high-performance, high-volume hydraulic system, this ensures speedy, powerful work. Engine, cooling system and battery are easily accessible, so that maintenance and servicing can be completed efficiently.  

The advantages of the 1130 CX30 wheel loader:       

  • High manoeuvrability: small turning radius enables work in confined spaces      
  • Simple coupling operation and excellent view of the tool attachments thanks to low, narrow front carriage      
  • Powerful 23 or 27 PS engine      
  • Robust engine: large-volume air filter with internal safety cartridge ensures long life      
  • Maintenance-friendly, with hinged engine cover and large rear hatch      
  • Simple handling and concentrated, economical operation.      
  • A variety of engine options and a broad selection of tools     
Easy to operate  

The operator of the 1100 series wheel loader will find a clearly designed workspace. The single-lever control of the load arm in combination with the widely adjustable position of the sprung seat enables you to relax and work without becoming fatigued. All instruments are ergonomically positioned and easy to read.      

Problem-free maintenance  

The widely pivoting seat canopy guarantees very good access to the engine and service points. In addition, a large service hatch in the rear of the loader provides excellent access to the radiator and battery. Maintenance and service can be performed quickly, conveniently and in a very short time - increasing the availability of the machine.      

A high degree of safety for driver and machine  

The 1100 series wheel loader offers a variety of turning wheels and two axle types. Machine widths of up to 120 mm and the extremely low centre of gravity provide for high stability. A ROPS-tested rollover bar is standard on all machines. The bar can be folded down in a few simple steps, so that extremely low passages can be cleared.      

Powerful engines  

In its performance class the Series 1130/1140 wheel loader is equipped with quiet-running 3-cylinder, 23/27 PS water-cooled diesel engines, providing adequate power reserves for every job. The latest exhaust standards are of course fulfilled. In combination with the high-volume hydraulic system, the 1100 is well equipped for speedy, powerful work.  

The 1130 CX30 wheel loader Is available from Weidemann Australia .

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