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Teleloaders and accessories from Weidemann Australia

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Weidemann Australia  provide different types of teleloaders. The teleloaders from Weidemann Australia come with rigid frames and arms for safer heavy load operations. The teleloaders, from Weidemann Australia, feature an outdoor stacker with full loader. The 2070 CX50 LP series of telescopic loaders provide reliable, tough, stable and high performance features. The rigid frame and rugged arm suspension of the products ensure safe and precise control of the telescopic arm. This type of telescopic loader comes with a high performance engine.

Weidemann Australia offer an extensive range of accessories to suit a number of host applications. The accessories include lightweight shovels, feed measuring shovels, silo measuring containers, film ball tongs, silo tongs, manure forks, post hole borers, sweeping machines and snow and flattening blades. The 2070 CX80 T telescopic loader from Weidemann Australia are designed ergonomically. The clearly arranged instrument panel, legroom and comfortable drivers seat ensures a safe and relaxed working environment.

Accessories such as multi-purpose shovels, round ball winders, side cutter bars, pallet forks, cuboid ball stackers, pallet forks with rotary modules, flatteners, rotary mowers, working platforms, earth containers and earth shovels with teeth are also offered by Weidemann Australia.

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