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Heifers and cows for sale from Wellington Lodge

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Wellington Lodge  are involved in breeding commercial cattle and offer female cattle for sale. The female cattle for sale include 31 PTIC heifers, 40 PTIC heifers and 34 PTIC cows. Wellington Lodge conduct different types of breeding programme. These breeding programmes conducted by Wellington Lodge provide estimated breeding values of the cow. Weaning programme is also carried out by Wellington Lodge where the calves are weaned before they join with the cows.

The 40 PTIC heifers from Wellington Lodge come with an outstanding genetic feature with even spread of sires. The sires include Te Mania Yorkshire and Te Mania Yakka. The estimated breeding values of these cattle are strong in fertility and carcase traits. The 40 PTIC heifers at Wellington Lodge were mated and the calves were low birth in weights. These heifers had a 200-day weight of 26 kilograms, 400 and 600-day weight of 56 and 65 kilograms respectively. The rib fat and rump fat were 0.5 millimetres and 0.4 millimetres.

The 34 PTIC cows for sale were the outstanding performers and it had produced award-winning steers. The 34 PTIC cows had a birth weight of 3.6 kilograms and a 200-day weight of 23 kilograms.

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