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Bloodlines of Japanese Black Wagyu from Westholm Wagyu

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Westholm Wagyu  specialise in offering fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu sires and breeding females. The Japanese born black haired Wagyu was imported by Westholm Wagyu from Hokkaido in Northern Japan. The Wagyu is black Japanese cattle similar to the Angus. These cattle are horned with light rump and legs. The mature bulls weigh over 900 kilograms.

Westholm Wagyu is involved in developing Japanese fullblood Wagyu outside Japan. Westholm Wagyu also raises Japanese fullblood Wagyu feeder cattle to 300 kilograms with help of Japanese method of growth and feed. The main bloodlines of the Japanese Black Wagyu include Fujiyoshi line, Kedaka line and Tajiri line. The Fujiyoshi line of cattle is well balanced and the calves of these cattle come with good growth rate. It produces quality meat.

The Tajiri lines of cattle from Westholm Wagyu are found in the Mikata district of the Hyogo Prefecture. The Tajiri line of cattle is large and well built. This bloodline of cattle is known for its temperment and it is transmitted by a wide number of cows as well as sires. The Kedaka line had typical characteristics of large frame boy with good top line and growth.

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