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Bulls for sale from Westholm Wagyu

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Westholm Wagyu  herd consists of highly credentialed fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu sires and females for breeding purposes. Westholm Wagyu have imported 84 Japanese Black-haired Wagyu females. Westholm Wagyu, owned by The Australian Agricultural Company, produces Wagyu feeder cattle for providing meat.

Westholm Wagyu offer bulls for sale. The bulls were purchased by Westholm Wagyu from the Australian Agricultural Company for the annual bull sale. All the bulls from Westholm Wagyu were sold along with breedplan chart estimating the breeding values. The Westholme Terutakara bull had balanced estimated breeding values. The 200-day weight of the bull was +14 kilograms. The 400 and 600 day birth weight was +13 and +16 kilograms respectively. The rib fat is +0.3 centimetres and the rump fat is +0.4 centimetres.

The Westholme Hirashige-Hiro bull from Westholm Wagyu had high growth estimated breeding values were one among the larger bulls present in the sale. The 200-day weight of this bull was +21 kilograms. The 400 and 600 day weight was +29 and +36 kilograms. The rump fat of Westholme Hirashige-Hiro is – 0.3 centimetres. The rib fat is -0.2 centimetres.

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