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Westvale Grey7 and PA03 JR sires from Westvale Merino

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Westvale Merino  are involved in the breeding of sheep. Westvale Merino are also Brucellosis accreditated, making it reliable and safe. Westvale Merino stud are situated on the top of the Great Dividing Range of the Northern Tablelands. All the flocks at Westvale Merino are registered. Westvale Merino aim in offering large bodied sheep. The wool obtained from the sheep present at Westvale Merino are stylish, well-nourished and soft handling wool. The shearing process is conducted on a contract basis.

The sires from Westvale Merino are used to produce premium wools at a sustainable level. The Westvale Grey7 sire is bright in colour. The wool obtained from this breed of sire is well nourished and soft. This sire comes with excellent belly and coverage forearm with a low CV of micron. The Westvale Ned.G205-0 breed of sheep from Westvale Merino are well-covered ultra fine ram with good legs and feet. This sheep is bright and well crimped.

The Westvale PA03 JR sire from Westvale Merino have won junior champion awards. The Westvale PA03 JR sire comes with big plain-bodied open headed feature. It is also free from pigments and stands square on legs and feet.

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