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Breeding of Belted Galloway cattle from Wilkamdai Stud

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Wilkamdai Stud  is a breeder of small and large Belted Galloway breeds, poultry and Wiltshire Horn sheep. The Belted Galloway studs from Wilkamdai Stud include traits such as low maintenance, easy calving, efficiency, high fertility and good forging ability.

Wilkamdai Stud is involved in breeding Red Belted Galloway breeds. The main aim of Wilkamdai Stud is to selectively breed and develop Red Belted Galloway with a focus on type, structure and temperament. Belted Galloway breeds from Wilkamdai Stud are renowned polled beef cattle in the world. According to Wilkamdai Stud, Belted Galloway cattle come in black, red and dun.

The Black Belted Galloways are more commonly found in Australia as compared to Red Belted Galloways. Belted Galloway cattle are well known for their unusual coats and double layer of hair. The outer hair in Belted Galloway cattle is coarser than the outer coat. The inner layer of hair is shorter and thicker. The outer coat of the Belted Galloway helps in shedding rain and wind, whilst the under coat offers warmth, insulation and water proofing.

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