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Stud and commercial livestock from Willalooka Wetlands

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Willalooka  is a stud and commercial livestock operator located in South Australia. Willalooka is a pastrol group that comprises of Willalooka Basin, Willalooka Lorelmo and Willalooka Wetlands. The commercial herd of Willalooka Basin is run under harsh conditions. At Willalooka Basin, the main aim is to breed stud cattle for the enhancement of performance for commercial purposes.

The breeding goal of Willalooka Basin Angus is to breed a progeny which must have the birth weight EBV's around an average of 4.3 kilograms. The aim is also to ensure that there is no change in the ‘mature cow weight’ which is over 70kg EBV; or in the fat on the cattle because of negative implications of re-breeding. Willalooka Basin Angus focuses on achieving high quality growth of the progeny. Willalooka Basin aims to offer genetics as per the requirements of the producers.

Willalooka Basin has more than 33 years of experience in rearing seedstock cattle. Willalooka Basin currently manages around 1800 registered Angus cows and about 300 Murray Grey cows on the property. The cattle of Willalooka Basin are highly fertile, structurally sound and they calve easily. Willalooka Basin also aims to produce animal with flesh, muscle and high quality carcasses.

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