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Willalooka Wetlands from Willalooka

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Willalooka Wetlands is a part of Willalooka Group that has created a wetland precinct covering over 2000 acres. The Willalooka Wetlands comprises of a range of seasonal swamps. The Willalooka Wetlands offers habitats like bare mud, floating swamp vegetation, open water, woodlands, fringing sedges, shrubs and bushes. All these are ideal natural habitat for diverse species of water birds and related swamp life.

River red gum are well for tolerating salinity of up to 12000 mg/L for a short period of time. The river red gum that surrounds Willalooka Wetlands are relatively of a good condition. Most of the wetlands are fenced away from stock. The riparian zones of the wetlands are seeded with endemic species.

Willalooka Wetlands works closely with state government agencies community and external environmental groups in order to plan a solution that are economically viable and also have positive long term environmental effects. The condition of wetlands is semi-permanent or temporary fresh water wetlands. Each and every Willalooka Wetlands are supported by a community of aquatic plant when the water is present.

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