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Articulated trucks from William Adams Ag

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The articulated trucks from William Adams Ag are used to move a diverse range of materials. The articulated trucks, offered by William Adams Ag, include models such as the 725, 735, 730 Ejector, 730, 740 Ejector and 740. The 725 articulated trucks model offers low fuel consumption, provides operator comfort and incurs low operating costs.

The 725 articulated trucks, provided by William Adams Ag, are based on the the ACERT technology which optimises the performance, and at the same time, meets the EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3a engine exhaust emission regulations. The Air-to Air Aftercooling (ATAAC) in 725 articulated trucks maintains the air intake temperature at a lower level. The Air-to Air Aftercooling maximises the efficiency and minimises the emissions.

The 725 articulated trucks, from William Adams Ag, include a single wastegate turbocharger and have a six-speed electronically controlled transmission. This electronic transmission is specially designed for 725 articulated trucks. The traction control and suspension system in 725 articulated trucks, provided by William Adams Ag, offer power to the ground in all conditions. The inter-axel differential lock offers locking of all three axels at the same time.

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