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Embryo Transfer from Willsbro Angus

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Angus cattle from Willsbro Angus are proven in their maternal ability, structure and carcase quality. The Embryo Transfer technology is used for genetic improvement, planned mating, import and export and disease control. Genetic progress is slower with the use of Embryo Transfer (ET), compared to that of Artificial Insemination (AI).

Embryo Transfer is used to produce AI sires from proven bulls and cows. Embryo Transfer offers the ability to distribute the genetics of proven elite Angus females. Embryo Transfer from Willsbro Angus is also used to increase the limited gene pool. Willsbro Angus selects animals for Embryo Transfer, based on their previous history and high level of fertility.

Embryo Transfer technology is widely applied in bovine species. According to Willsbro Angus, the performance of animals in each herd or contemporary group is compared to the average of other animals in the same age group to compute Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). Willsbro Angus publishes EBVs for a wide range of traits like fertility, maternal performance and easy calving.

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