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Traits of Angus cattle from Willsbro Angus

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Willsbro Angus  is a registered breeder of Angus cattle since 1986. According to Willsbro Angus, beef producers choose Angus cattle due to their fertility, maternal ability, quality meat, efficiency and robustness. Angus cattle have both, domestic and export market demand. Angus cattle possess the ability to develop quickly without becoming over weight.

The Angus cattle of Willsbro Angus include traits such as quality carcase, high muscling and fair maturity patterns, enabling a maximised market versatility. The female Angus cattle attain puberty at an early stage. The Angus calf grows quickly and breeds on a regular basis. The Angus cattle are well known for their fertility, even during harsh seasonal conditions.

Angus cows from Willsbro Angus have good milking ability and are easy to calve and care. The Angus cattle are also well known for producing high quality beef. The straightbred and crossbred Angus steers are used for pasture and feedlot finishing programmes in order to target the beef market. The meat of the Angus cattle comes only with a reduction in intramuscular marbling fat at the time of finishing, along with texture, tenderness, flavour and fat colour.

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