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Onward Juniper and Murfield Xplorer bulls from Windhaven Stud

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The Onward Juniper bull from Windhaven Stud includes features such as good temperament, hair and skin type. Onward Juniper, offered by Windhaven Stud, has also proved itself as an athletic worker. This bull from Windhaven Stud has won both Senior and Grand Champion Bull awards at national competitions.

The Millenniums semen is used for breeding programmes in Windhaven Stud herd and is available for private sale too. The Monterey Starman is a long grey-bodied bull with good bone structure. The EBVs of the Monterey Starman are suitable and are accepted by customers and producers across the country. The Monterey Starman is also a trait leader for 200, 400 and 600 days. This bull from Windhaven Stud is docile and its progeny stands out in paddocks and show rings.

The Murfield Xplorer from Windhaven Stud was purchased at the 2005 Murray Grey Nationals. Murfield Xplorer is a long, well-balanced, performance bull with a good temperament. A small group of 75 first cross ewes began their lambing processes in April. Lambs from Windhaven Stud will be ready for sale by October or November.

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