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Fox Lights available from Windmill Supplies

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article image Fox Lights Livestock prey prevention and protection

Windmill Supplies offers the Fox Lights to help prevent foxes from preying on vulnerable livestock, such as lambs, kids and poultry. It is expected that foxes prey up to 30% of lambs and kids in some agricultural areas in Australia.

The Fox Lights provides their livestock protection from a computer chip that randomly projects flashes of light to create an illusion of farmer attendance, which standard flashing lights cannot maintain. The Fox Lights uses nine LED bulbs and uses light sensors to trigger the flashing in conjunction with sunrise and sunset.

Fox Lights livestock protection are recommended to be placed around camp sits on star posts for best concentration and set upon crest of hills to provide large areas of protection. Windmill Supplies recommends 4 lights per 100 sheep and 6 lights for 200 sheep. For free range poultry, Fox Lights are best installed near roosting pens or sleeping areas.

Fox Lights livestock prey prevention, available from Windmill Supplies are powered by a standard 6 volt torch battery lasting 5 to 6 months.

Windmill Supplies warns that Fox Lights prey prevention are designed as an aid to prevent night predators, but may not always succeed against all attacks.

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