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Breeding of White Suffolks from Wingamin

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Wingamin  are involved in breeding White Suffolks studs in Australia since 1988. Wingamin focus mainly on White Suffolks which have become an integral part of the farming enterprise. Wingamin purchased their initial sheep collections from the top Suffolk, Poll Dorset and White Suffolk studs along with well known Elouera stud dispersals.

Wingamin used one Burwood and three Allendale rams for more than eleven years to maintain a sound and strong Suffolk base. In 1991, Wingamin purchased Langley Heights 254/90 from Aylesbury Farm. Langley Heights 254/90 produced clean, white sheep with good wool characteristics.

In 1992, Wingamin purchased Allendale G89/91 and Allendale 105/91. The Allendale G89/91 is a long bodied ram with fine carcase composition. The Allendale G89/91 and Suffolk ram Allendale 105/91 influenced Wingamin stud during the early years of their commencement. In 1993, Wingamin encouraged breeding of White Suffolk rams, also increasing the number of standard white sheep. The records of Wingamin reflect the quality and reliability of their flock breeding processes.

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