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Wise Feet foot patches from Wisdom For Living get results

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Wise Feet  foot patches from Wisdom For Living are Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)patches containing a synergistic mix of Chinese herbs and minerals. People who have been exposed to chemicals or taken a lot of drugs seem to benefit greatly from using foot patches, according to Wisdom for Living director Barbara Elkins. Resembling big teabags, these foot patches are applied to the feet at night, when the body naturally detoxes itself. The body naturally goes into a “rest and repair” cycle at night, so the body is assisting that natural process, acting like an old fashioned poultice, in that the foot patches warm up and stimulate the acupuncture points on the feet. Wastes can be drawn out through the skin but more importantly the foot patches increase circulation thereby assisting the body to excrete wastes naturally via the increased osmotic pressure.

Overnight the foot patches change from a sandy coloured powder to a dark, wet sticky “goo”. This is an indication that the patches are working and that the wearer is adequately hydrated. The true test is how the wearer feels after using them, ignoring the colour and the smell, which may or may not change over time. These foot patches are particularly effective on insect or spider bites, and can be used at the wearer's own pace in the privacy of their own home.

"Many people have had wonderful, if not spectacular results," Miss Elkins said. "Typically people who have a lot of body pain (from arthritis, fibromyalgia, old injuries, swollen legs, hot or cold feet, to gout and chronic fatigue)  find the patches relieve their discomfort quite dramatically. Many people are finding they can decrease or even stop some of the medication they are taking (this seems to be particularly true of arthritis sufferers)"  Miss Elkins said.

"People who have been exposed to a lot of chemicals or have taken a lot of drugs in their lives seem to benefit greatly from using these foot patches. They
are even being used by naturopaths to help children with autism and ADHD.Our world is now full of chemicals that were not around when we first evolved and they are affecting our health."

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