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Roller Mills are grain-crushing machines which are for the purpose of feeding freshly crushed grains to live stock; thus increasing the protein value to the animal.   

The Wolf Roller Mill is manufactured by using thicker sized steel plate and tubing to give it the strength to crush at sustained higher capacities.   Wolf Engineering and Millwrights make a variety of different sized Roller Mill models using the best wear-resistant solid rolls available.  They also make other manufacturers’ rolls and re-grind and flute their rolls if it is possible.    

Wolf Roller Mills are renowned for their strength, ease of maintenance, long roll life and the low cost on re-grooving.   

KW350 Roller Mill is the latest design in our range of Roller Mills. This machine has two separate rolls within its frame, a 100mm roll and a 250mm roll, side by side.  This is to crush two different grains simultaneously, e.g. lupins and cereal.    

Wolf Engineering and Millwrights’ entire medium sized Wolf Roller Mill frames are now designed to make six different sized Roller Mills.  The KW100, KW250 and KW350 can have 250mm dia rolls or 300mm dia rolls.  Capacities would range from 2 ton/hr up to 15 ton/hr. These mills can also be double stacked so that the top roll has coarse fluting and the bottom roll has finer fluting to give even particle size of crushed grain (ideal for chicken mash and piggery feed).  

They make even larger mills such as the KW600, KW800 and KW1000 using 250mm dia rolls or 300mm dia rolls.  These machines all use the same frame and can also be double stacked.  Capacities would range from 12 ton/hr up to 25 ton/hr.  

The idea of using the same frame means that an upgrade of a machine can be much simpler than having to purchase a new Roller Mill if your capacity needs become greater.   

Wolf Engineering and Millwrights also make a Mini Mill which is designed for the bigger hobby farmer who requires cracking/bruising at 800kg/hr on cereal grain and we make a Wolf Cub which is great for the small hobby farmer which can grind 200kg/hr of grain.  

The type of roller mill is governed by the grain the client wants to crush, the expected particle size to be crushed down to and the capacity required.    

Wolf Engineering and Millwrights also cater for farmers who have single phase or 3-phase.

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