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Wolf Engineering and Millwrights develop new stone mixture

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article image Wolf Engineering and Millwrights new stone mixture does not require resharpening

Wolf Engineering and Millwrights  has developed a new natural stone mixture suitable for dry grains and all oil-bearing seeds.

The new stone mixture has been created by melting a combination of Sexten granite sand corundum and porcelain in a calcining furnace at extremely high temperatures. The refinement process does not employ any chemicals or adhesives.

The result is a new stone mixture with extremely fine pores that produces a permanently coarse grinding surface and does away with the need for resharpening.

The strength of the mixture makes it ideal for small-diameter millstones operated at high speeds.

Wolf’s development has allowed bran to be ground together with wholemeal flour and is available for many of their products upon request.

Please contact Wolf Engineering and Millwrights for further information.

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