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Border Leicester studs from Womboota Pastoral

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SuperBorders records the performance of Womboota Pastoral , based on which clients must maintain registered Border Leicester flocks, establish and maintain direct genetic linkages with other flocks, obtain full pedigrees for all lambs born in those flocks and record flocks on the basis of the LambPlan. The LambPlan gold and silver standard includes the weaning weight of all lambs and post weaning weight, yearling weight, wool weight, fat depth and eye muscle depth.

The Border Leicester stud from Womboota Pastoral was bred only after the division of Kelso stud was established in 1995. Womboota Pastoral accelerate the genetic improvement on muscling, weaning and post weaning weights, wool weights and fertility of the studs through the use of the LambPlan. The sheep of Womboota Pastoral display resistance against Brucellosis infection.

The property of Womboota Pastoral is free from footrot and brucellosis. All the lambs of Womboota Pastoral are vaccinated with Guida vaccine. Womboota Pastoral also offer agricultural contracting services that are meant for cereal production within South Western New South Wales.

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