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LambPlan programmes from Womboota Pastoral

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Womboota Pastoral  breed their studs in quality Australian stud flocks and are ranked above average as per the LambPlan. The Superborders flocks of Womboota Pastoral share good genetics and also utilise up to date information on breeding techniques. Womboota Pastoral sell Border Leicester rams on the basis of their visual characteristics like wool and size.

Womboota Pastoral record growth rate, muscle depth and fat cover to find out better carcase quality in animals. The breeders also use rearing, birth and pedigree records to identify the better milking and more fertile bloodlines. Womboota Pastoral also use common sires to make evaluation between stud flocks. This information is used in the LambPlan to make necessary corrections with regards to twinning and feeding regime, age and for the calculation of genetic merit.

The LambPlan from Womboota Pastoral offers genetic value for each ram, based on the production traits and average breed. These ratings are called Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). These EBVs are combined into an index known as the Border Leicester Dollar Index.

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