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Lambplan from Wonoka Wiltshire Horn

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The Wiltipoll sheep of Wonoka Wiltshire Horn are managed and selected on the basis of two main breeding lines, namely, White Suffolk and White Dorper. The sires of Wonoka Wiltshire Horn have more than average indexes. Numerous unrecorded ewes are also introduced with regards to genetic diversity and the current indexes do not offer a true indication of the genetic value of the sheep. It is also believed that once the ewe flock of Wonoka Wiltshire Horn is closed, the indexes rise accordingly.

The two White Dorper lines that are currently used by Wonoka Wiltshire Horn consist of “Roadtrain “(Idavale 239/99, carcase plus 160) and “Saltbush” (no performance records); sire of Wonoka 2448/02 (carcase plus 137.58).

Lambplan’s Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs), from Wonoka Wiltshire Horn, are designed to allow commercial sheep producers and ram breeders to evaluate animals from different flocks within a breed or breed group on the basis of its genetics. The Lambplan database of Wonoka Wiltshire Horn is managed by Sheep Genetics. Wonoka Wiltshire Horn is able to offer Lambplan pedigrees and statistics with regards to selected animals. Wonoka Wiltshire Horn offers rams and ewes at the third SA Combined Wiltipoll Breeders Sale that is to be held at Mt Pleasant in the month of October.

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