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Tanks and fittings from Wyndham Water Tanks

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Since 1995, Wyndham Water Tanks have been manufacturing different types of water tanks, rainwater tanks and other accessories. The slimline water tank is a product category from Wyndham Water Tanks. Standard fittings of tanks manufactured by Wyndham Water Tanks include leaf strainers, overflow and outlet facilities.

Wyndham Water Tanks supply Slim line water tanks in different models and capacities. These capacities are 1100 litres, 2000 litres and 3000 litres. The 1100 litre tank comes in two models namely, the Big Brother Slim Water Tank and the Super Slim Water Tank. The Mumma Slim Water Tank from Wyndham Water Tanks has a 2000 litre water capacity, while the Grand Puppa Slim Water Tank is a 3000 litre tank.

Wyndham Water Tanks manufacture round water tanks in various capacities. These range from 200 litres to 10,000 litres. Wyndham Water Tanks produce the 1100 litre squat water tank with an outlet size of 25 millimetres BSP.

Another product from Wyndham Water Tanks is the chemical water tank. Wyndham Water Tanks install their tanks using a simple process, with tools such as hacksaws, files, electric drills, Teflon tape and PVC downpipes and fittings.

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