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Water tank accessories from Wyndham Water Tanks

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Wyndham Water Tanks manufacture a prime range of water tank accessories. These accessories include pump covers, pumps, connector kits and filters. Water tank pump covers, manufactured by Wyndham Water Tanks, include features such as rubber feet, air vent handles, foam seals in lengths of 520 millimetres, widths of 530 millimetres and heights covering 350 millimetres. Wyndham Water Tanks produce fully automated garden watering pumps in capacities of 800 watts with self-priming qualities.

Connecting hosepipes to tanks becomes easy with the flexible connector kits supplied by Wyndham Water Tanks. Wyndham Water Tanks also provide filter bags in 300 millimetre and 400 millimetre capacities. These filter bags filter the final water that enters the tank and therefore, collects the dust commonly found. This feature of the filter bags helps users to enjoy the benefits of pure water.

Wyndham Water Tanks have manufactured a new kind of Slimline tank for rainwater storage. This tank is specifically used for residential applications as it has limited space. The burners used to liquefy the plastic emit only low carbon, thereby making these rainwater tanks safe to use.

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